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Full Stack Developer

Clanz is building a state of the art real-time alerts system based on sound to detect anomalies in care-giving environments. We are looking for a senior Full-Stack engineer with a strong orientation towards Back-End and architecture. 

This is the last position that will be considered as one of the founding team, which will reflect on the engagement and responsibility in the company. In this position, you will take full responsibility for the research and the development of a high scale system that processes enormous amounts of data in real-time.  


  • Deep knowledge and experience with various cloud providers Such as AWS/Azure/ GCP (+3 years)
  • Good understanding of software architecture at scale, Queues, Databases (SQL, noSQL), Big data, LB, cache, etc. 
  • High-level language Experience with at least one of the following: Go, Java, Python, NodeJs (+5 years)
  • Dev-ops experience with CICD and security.
  • Experience with at least one client framework is an advantage
  • Experience in microservices applications.  
  • Experience with container platforms and orchestrators such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with monitoring tools.

For applying please email your CV to nevo at

Data Annotation Specialist

Clanz is looking for a data annotation specialist to join our team.

This role is a critical component in any AI-driven machine. We are looking for a detail and audio-oriented individual to join our team to help train AI/ML and improve quality of predictions. As an specialist, you will be responsible for annotating and analyzing a variety of data sets and drawing intelligent conclusions, to support our mission to help train machine learning algorithms.


  • Team player
  • Goals oriented
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Dedicated to customer success
  • Fluent in English (reading and writing)
  • Digital literacy

For applying please email your CV to info at

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